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Creative Maps are one of the largest Fortnite Creative Maps community, some island codes are posted by our staff and registered members. You can claim your maps here and get full access to added information, images, change the category, added keywords, change the difficulty and much more!

How will work?

  1. Complete the below form with your correct information.
  2. One staff member will be review you requested.
    • 2.1. If we believe that you are not who you claim to be, we will send a friend request to your Epic Games account to verify that you the right creator before getting access to all maps under the claimed account.
  3. If we do not need more checks, you’ll get approval and full access to the profile.


Why we need your Epic Games username?

  • If we have any suspicions, we will send a friend request on the Epic Games username that you have provided to verify and complete claim requested.

How much time will take?

  • That depends on how busy the staff is when you send the request. In general, requests will not take longer than 24 hours.

Will I get access to all maps under claimed account?

  • Yes, all maps under the claimed account will be on your account and you can edit and update any information on the each map page.

What if somebody claimed my profile?

  • We will try as much as possible to not make this mistake, but if your profile has been claimed by someone else, you can contact us and let us know about that.

How many profiles can I claim?

  • You can claim only one profile per each Creative Maps account. If you have more that one Fortnite account and you like to have all maps under only one Creative Maps account please contact us.

Only login members can send a profile claim! Please login or create a new account!
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